Social Plastic

Sun Shower Remake 2021

Remake of Heinz von Förster´s original invention "Sonnendusche"

Förster's mischievous sentence that the sun shower was his most important invention (obituary Dirk Baecker FAZ) initiated this remake, which was built after a media archaeological research in the H.v.F. archive. An audio file of Dirk Baecker can be called up on site via QR code to hear him talk about his memory of the moment when he stood with Heinz von Förster in his garden and got to know the sun shower. The Sun Shower Remake 2021 is a social sculpture first exhibited at Solar Habitat and will stay at the Lindabrunn Sculpture Park as a permanent installation.It builds the connection  from  Heinz von Förster's thinking, cybernetics to the current energy debate, in a very intimate way; As  an apparatus  which is aimed directly at our body.