Door augmented

A rural and an urban site get connected when visitors interact with a door at the exhibition space.

Door augmented is a telematic installation, that connects two sites, rural and urban, via telematic presence. The artist mounted a former heybarn door into a steel frame and installed it in a remote meadow in the tyrolean alps. The scenery can be observed via live stream from the exhibition space, where visitors can interact with two doors, the real one at the venue and the seemingly virtual one on the meadow. Reality and virtuality switch, depending on the visitors location. Visitors at the venue can interactively engage into what will happen in the Tyrolean scenery, by walking through their real door, after physically opening and closing it. Synchroniously the door in the meadow performs identical, with a little delay due to the actual performance of the worldwideweb, which in this case runs the control for the motor driven door at the meadow. The technicist setup duplicates interaction in a spatial and temporal dimension and, at the same time, deprives it of its actual function. The installation provides an experience of placelessness and poetry embeded in the beauty of our natural environment and technological achivements.



Essence 2011 MAK, Your space 2011