The Graphic Projecting Unit (GPU) of your computer is currently calculating Chipland and setting your claim on your digital territory.

Enter Chipland here:  Museum in Progress (MIP)

Using JavaScript, "chipland" reads your devices GPU, renders your flag for you, and shows your device´s chip written on the flag. The flag´s movements happen because your chip is calculating them. Congratulations, you are already working for Chipland, whose entities hover over the territory in Barbie font. As for this flag-waving, your hardware is also constantly at work in the real world; thus enabling Big Tech.

Materials: Flag with GPU designation, Chipland rainbow, Barbie font, tag cloud, ASML machine, wafer

Kathrin Stumreich, Philip Leitner, Chipland, 2023, digital mip, raising flags, museum in progress, digital sculpture