Back to Athens


Back to Athens

Exhibition Isaiah Mansion
Athens, GR
28 June - 2 July 2023

Back to Athens 2023 | Geometry of racional


28.6 - 2.7.2023
Back to Athens 2023 @ Μέγαρο Ησαΐα

For its 2023 edition "Back to Athens 10 | 2023: Geometry of racional", the established International Art Meeting of artistic activity in the heart of the Athenian center will open at the monumental early 1920’s Isaiah Palace.

Back to Athens is an annual profile of the ideas and proposals of the art community that reflect the identity of everyday culture. In response to the critical issues and current social and artistic transformations developed within the course of the previous year, Back to Athens defines as an important interdisciplinary art platform that connects the contemporary Athenian art community and alerts the public to the critical issues and current social and artistic transformations developed within the course of the previous year.
This year's meeting unfolds 40 curatorial exhibitions, installations and performances with the participation of 185 international artists, curators. Since 2012, Back to Athens has created a cultural mapping of Athens by re-opening and revisiting important Athenian buildings and distinctive landmarks that are defined by their own cultural and historical heritage. In this context, each year Back to Athens International Art Meeting chooses to visit locations within the Athenian heart, that are characterized by a diversity of backgrounds and cultures.

In the present society where the entire world has become interconnected, Back to Athens 2023 under the title “Geometry of racional, a review”1 aims to present a series of exhibitions and curatorial projects that explores the connections between artists and the actual impact of their artwork on society. In Back to Athens, artistic research and visual work are placed on a scale of comparison of measurable elements. Artistic research and practice, and the actual artwork on a scalable comparison of measurable components, while discussion arises on the disruption of the current exhibition model and communication in contemporary art.

Back to Athens examines 5 issues, creating a value system that connects these critical points to their associations. The aim is to analyze and conceive through tangible examples (in the form of exhibitions) and pair these values with each other, and define the specific role of each value as a contributor to the development of a new communication model and exhibition hybrid.

1. The mutual dependence of the artists of their work and their compatibility to the existing exhibition spaces.
2. Freedom and Independence, with the assistance of various contemporary systems (independent spaces, open studios, popup spaces) that have been introduced.
3. The importance of an interdependent or independent relationship and the theory of developing a new, singular exhibition and communication hybrid that can be developed and adapted as autonomously, without the need of continuity. In short, the approach to a new dimension of the geometry of the contemporary art world.
4. The most important, withstanding cultural exhibition models have already been evaluated, revealing those values that are evolve as the basis to future models.
5. A variety of experimental practices are introduced according to the needs of our times. The fundamental principles of the current exhibition model are a discussed, building both on its practical and educational significance.

Georg Georgakopoulos, Fotini Kapiris, Christian Rupp

1. Rational geometry is the science of space and deals with the fundamental properties that determine how the parts of space relate to each other. As such, it plays a central role in mathematics and applied mathematics, as well as in many other scientific disciplines. Rational geometry: builds on foundations laid down by David Hilbert in his 'Foundations of Geometry', first published in 1899. Topics include rational number & set theory. Non-Euclidean geometries. projective geometry and more.

Back to Athens 10 International Art Meeting | 2023: Geometry of racional

Isaiah Mansion
65 Patission Str., Athens 104 33

Opening: Wednesday, June 28, 2023, 16:00 - 22:00
Duration: June 28 – July 2, 2023
Hours: Wednesday – Friday 16:00 - 22:00, Saturday – Sunday 12:00 – 22:00

Georg Georgakopoulos
Fotini Kapiris
Christian Rupp

Organised by: APART Art Research and Applications
With the financial support and auspices Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports («Glorious Elements / Plastic Kisses»)
Under the Auspices City of Athens
Supported by: Austrian Embassy Athens
Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlichen Dienst und Sport
Land Tirol
Czech Centre Athens
Produced and Coordinated by: CHEAPART
Participation: Athens Intersection Cultural Program

Back to Athens was implemented for the first time in 2012 within the wider area of Kotzia Square, up until 2014. From 2016-2017, it shifted to the historic square and Exarcheia district, in 2018 it gave a dynamic presence at the Athens Commercial Triangle, and since 2021 is hosted within the emblematic building of the Isaiah Mansion on Patission street.

💯 Years
Isaiah Mansion 1923-2023

The four-storey mansion of G. Isaiah at the corner of Patisia and Ioulianou, was built in 1923 and is characterized by a tendency towards late eclecticism. It was constructed by the civil engineer Panagiotis Zizelas (1861-1931) and it belongs to the category of large buildings for wealthy clients-tenants. Both the size and the innovative form of the building played a key role in Athens' emerging image.

Back to Athens 10 ⚏ Program

«Little Women»
Curated by: Themis Ragias/ Sofia Iliana Georgiadi
Participating artists: Natalia Manta, Marina Papadaki, Katerina Sarra, Nana Seferli, Kleopatra Tsali, Evgenia Vereli.

«La Petite Mort»
Curated by: Helen Mesadou
Participating artists: Evgenia Efstathiou, Anna Kaplanidou, Apostolis Lempesis, Yiannis Roussounelos, Danai Simou/

Leonidas Giannakopoulos
Curated by: George Kartalos

Curated by: Christian Rupp
Participating artists: Andreas Tanzer, Bernd Oppl, Christian Rupp, Isidora Krstic, Jeremias Altmann, Michael Goldgruber, Richard Jochum

Το Space52 | Athina Lasithiotaki, Aikaterini Milesi present Elena Gazi

Curated by: KYAN/Lida Koutromanou
Participating artists: Thanos Foivos, Anastasis Ioannou, Asteris Kanousis, George Kyprianidis.

Curated by: Yorgos Lintzeris
Participating artists: Lina Bebi, Dimitris Chalatsis, Irini Diadou, Giannis Kardasis, Yorgos Lintzeris, Anthi Paraskeva-Veloudogianni, Elena Stiga, Slobotanka Stupar

«Kurt (or absurdities of late capitalism)»
Curated by: Elli Leventaki
Participating artists: Eleanna Balesi, Katerina Karatzaferi, Danai Kotsaki, Nikolaos Simantirakis, Dimitris Tampakis

«remains of a life», Werner Widmer
Curated by: widmertheodoridis

«An immaterial monument», Nikos Giavropoulos
Video installation

«Who Throws the Last Stone?»
Theodoros Zafeiropoulos, Alyssa Moxley

«Stills from a movie», Kostas Christopoulos

«Large Form Logic»
Curated by: George-Icaros Babassakis
Participating artists: Kostas Tsolis, Eufrosyni Mytilineou, Nikos Papadimitriou, Vassilis Gerodimos, Eleni Babassaki, Pantelis Chandris, Nikos Navridis, Katerina Zacharopoulou, Katarzyna Wojtczak, Uli Schueppel.
Giorgos Faraklas (Professor of Political Philosophy at Panteion University), Spiros Tegos (Lecturer of Early Modern Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy and Social Studies of the University of Crete), Niketas Siniossoglou (Senior Researcher at the National Hellenic Research Foundation) and Yannis Koilis (author & translator) will be called upon to discuss with the curator, and amongst themselves, the urgency of reason in our times.
Peris Michailidis (actor) will be called upon to recite out of Nikos Karouzos’ Large Form Logic and selected excerpts from works by Immanuel Kant and Hegel.

«Broken Materialities»
Curated by: Dimitris Trikas
Participating artists: Augustus Veinoglou, Iasonas Kampanis, Konstantinos Lianos, Mania Benissi, Giorgos Tserionis, Dionisis Christofilogiannis

Curated by: Chloe Akrithaki
Participating artists: Ute Becker (Germany), Kaspars Brambergs (Latvia), Mariana Jirátová and Antonín Jirát, (Czech Republic), Aleksandra Vajd (Slovenia), Athina Ioannou, Nikos Kachrimanis, Alexios Papazacharias, Tolis Tatolas, Alexis Akrithakis, Chloe Akrithaki (Greece)

«The native language»
Curated by: Apostolis Artinos/ The Symptom Projects
Participating artists: Dimitris Efeoglou, Dimitris Neveskiotis, Aliki Palaska, Yorgos Papafigos, Dimitris Fragakis.

Curated by: Hector Theoulakis
Participating artists: Alexandros Kontogeograkopoulos, Odysseas Klissouras.

Curated by: Horror Vaccui
Participating artists: Annita Argyroiliopoulou, Andreas Vousouras, Charalambos Dermatis, Antigoni Kavvatha, Andreas Lymberatos, Evsevia Michaelidou, Varvara Spyrouli, Martha Tsiara

«你好 HCN (nĭ hăo HCN)”, Babis Karalis

«Re-directions», Betty Zerva
Curated by: Stratis Pantazis

«Disorientation »
Curated by: The Krank
Participating artists: Ioannis Avgoustis, Haotique, Peggy Kliafa, Dimitris Kontodimos, Marilena Kranioti, Thanasis Mylonas, Yiannis Pappas, Dimitra Stavropoulou, The Bad Poetry Social Club, The Krank

«Geometry of Interaction»
Curated by: Johannes Rips
Participating artists: Lars* Kollros, Kathrin Stumreich, Patrick Topitschnig.

«Reflections: The Christian tradition in contemporary art»
Curated by: Elena Panayotova, Stratis Pantazis
Participating artists: Yioula Chatzigeorgiou, Kiril Cholakov, Babis Karalis, Kyriakos Kousoulidis, Eleni Lyra, Penka Mincheva, Elena Panayotova, Jasmin Rapti, Andreas Savva, Dimitris Skourogiannis

«Glorious elements»
Curated by: Georg Georgakopoulos
Participating artists: Marion Fischer, Paolo Incarnato, Katerina Kanakakis, Marilia Kolibiri, Eleni Mylonas, Michail Parlamas, Ilias Polychroniadis, Panos Sklavenitis / Mihalis Zaharias, Michaelangelo Vlassis - Ziakas, Eirini Vlavianou

«Τhe wolves that hunt yoυ in time, they will be the dogs that bring your slippers»
Filippos Tsitsopoulos with Yiannis Mitrou, Maro Theodosiou, Shaun Caton

«23 artworks - 1 common ground»
Curated by: Kyriakos Tsiflakos
Participating artists: Adrianos (Sotiris), Chronis Botsoglou, Katerina Chadoulou, John Christoforou, Despina Flessa, Dimitris Fragakis, Vangelis Gokas, Vassilis Goumas, Nikos Kaskouras, Theophilos Katsipanos, Konstantinos Kerestetzis, Penny Konstantinou, Alekos Kyarinis, Dimitris Lamprou, Vassilis Liaouris, Michalis Manousakis, Vassilis Perros, Angelo Plessas, Gerasimos Thomas, Thanasis Totsikas, Nikos Tranos, Giorgos Tserionis, Yiannis Valavanidis

«Your Bed»
Curated by: Antigoni Kapsali
Participating artists: Alexandra Dalaka, Dimitra Exarchou, Maria Lagou, Athanasia Papatzelou, Eleni Sarli, Theodora Tsiatsiou, Vivy Tsioga

«Last blues/Torino», Andreas Vousouras

Video installation and performance
Goldfuß unlimited: Anne Mégier, Johanna Tatzgern, Katja Teuchmann


«Klimaka a solo performance»
Elia Verganelaki

Artistic Collaborator: Elpida Orfanidou
Performers: Alexandra Serafimovich, Aimiliani Stavrianidou, Stella Dimitrakopoulou

«Stone&soul Mosaic»
Ralitza Vladimirova, Thalia-Mari Papadopoulou
Performers: Angeliki Panteleakou, Demi Palatsidi, Eleni Kelaiditi, Ralitza Vladimirova
Light design: Dimitris Koutas

«My Universe»
Direction, video, montage: Angeliki Manta
Performers: Marina Kladi, Irini Moraitelli
Performance song: Sigur Ros, «Ο Fridur»

«Embracing Otherness»
Performance: Evangelos Papadakis

Performance in the exhibition «Disorientation »
Athanasia Tsopanargia, Athina Kanellopoulou, Angelina Papachatzaki, MASH (Nerisisty & Christos Kapenis)

«Τhe wolves that hunt yoυ in time, they will be the dogs that bring your slippers»
Laboratory performance
Filippos Tsitsopoulos with Yiannis Mitrou, Maro Theodosiou, Shaun Caton

Goldfuß unlimited: Anne Mégier