Object/sculpture (2024)


The parabolic shape transports an audio signal with birdsong in its focal line.

The shape of the Parabol is reminiscent of the architecture of Central Solar Plants (CSP). In this architecture there is always a focal line or a focal point. At the focal point is a tower and in the focal line is a pipe, both of which contain a heat transfer medium (e.g. salt solution). When the sun's rays are centered there via mirror surfaces, the medium heats up and this energy is converted into electricity via a steam power plant. Birds and insects burn up in this scorching heat.
Although a beam of light in the form of a laser also flows in the focal line of the sculpture "Parabol", it generates sound and not electricity.
Before the laser shoots through the focal line, birdsong is inaudibly modulated onto the laser. Other strong, parallel incident light sources in the focal line have the potential to disturb the laser and also the sound. The collected energy in the focal line of this sculpture allows the birdsong after the focal line to be heard demodulated as if alive, because the light falling on the parabola in the exhibition space is too weak for destruction, in contrast to reality.


Size: 148 cm x 25 cm

Material: mirrored optical glass, hexagonal light pipe, beamsplitter, laser, lightsensor, transducer, audioplayer, speaker, twittering birds