Object/sculpture (2024)

Homage to an insect´s eye

The sculpture is inspired by an ultraviolet sensor for the 185 to 260 nanometre range, has been enlarged by a factor of 35 and enhanced with a wafer inlay.

In the object, the visual apparatus of insects merges with standard flame detection technology and high-end wafer technology. In all three, the organ and the two devices, invisible UV radiation plays a vital role. While their sense of sight enables the animals to find food under sun-generated UV radiation of up to 300 nm, technical applications of UV at 13.5 nm for the production of wafers pursue paradoxical goals. Wafers shimmer like parts of an insect's eye, they serve civilian and military AI and the most potential AI may win the war.


Size: 62 cm x11 cm x 22 cm