EXHIBITION, Performance

Stück für Schlag­bohrmaschinen

While abseiling the performers reveal sounds of a building by using hammer drills.

A Piece for hammerdrills (drills, piezomicrophones, live mixing) was created as opening performance by Kathrin Stumreich (performer, choregrapher) with Nicole Miltner(performer) and Uli Kühn (mixing desk). Performing with amplified hammerdrills while doing a “ vertical walk”. This composition and choreography aimed to externalize the sounds living in the layers of the building by using different bits, speeds, contact microphones and physical methods of resisting gravity. The space was to be demolished one month later. The relief of the drilling in the wall was framed and to be viewed during the exbhibition. With Nicole Miltner (Performance) and Uli Kühn (Mixingdesk)



das weisse haus