"Click" and the laws of thermodynamics

The artist stages a dramaturgy around the noise of a lid "click" with the participation of the audience via betting.

Performance in 3 acts: 1. ACT: The artist gives a lecture on 16 types of empty jam jars that she has examined based on their thermodynamic properties. The jars are given names and numbers. The audience can bet on a jar which they expect to click first (the sound " click" is created through the lid as the air inside the glass cools down). 2. ACT ( invisible to audience): Fruits are boiled an filled into the jars while still hot. 3.ACT: All 16 filled jars come back on stage with a temperature sensor, the celsius values ​​are projected to visualize the cooling process. The audience waits quietly and in suspense for the click  and the win or loss that goes with it, while a moderator whispers comments on the race. The click enhanced by microphones becomes most important for a moment. Those who bet correctly can collect their multiplied bet