Kathrin Stumreich interprets textile fabric as sound-on-film track.

Using an optical sensor, the artist translates the moving structure of fabric panels into a rhythmic soundscape. This installation reduces one of the earliest digital applications, the automatic industrial production of weaving patterns to a state of sensual perception. The fabrics are arranged not for their fashionable value but as notation of a multi-layered sound collage.


Performances (Auswahl):

First Guthman instrument competition, Atlanta, USA

Node Festival Frankfurter Kunstverein, DE

Flussi Festival, Out of Cage, Avellino, IT

Marler Medienkunstpreise 2014, Opening Performance, DE

Kunsthalle Lana, Transart Bozen, IT

WDR Hörspielstudio Köln, Soundart, Lange Nacht der Museen, DE

Zauberhafte Klangmaschinen, 2009, A