Sculpture, Object, Installation

Textile soundscape

Textile soundscape searches for the possibility of converting structures in textiles into sound.

A strip of fabric runs in an endless loop through a motor-driven object, past a light sensor that measures the transparency of the textile and translates it into sound via an optical sound switch.
5 of these sound objects were created during a mobile residency along the Trans-Siberian Railway from Vienna to Shanghai. The artist collected fabric samples between Kiev and Shanghai and translated their technical parameters or control systems such as weaving technology, patterns and properties of weft and warp threads into sound and movement. Modules and controllers in the sound object influence speed and light intensity and interpret the sound quality of the material. The apparatus thus transforms one of the first digital applications, namely the production of various weaving patterns, into a different, sensually perceptible medium.


Shows (Selection): Freihaus Galerie Villach, A

Kunstmuseum Bochum "the sound is where" /kemnade klingt SOUNDING BOCHUM 2022