Exhibition and Symposium

Solar Habitat Exhibition and Symposium

From 12th to 13th of June 2021, artistic, experimental and scientific positions sharpen the view of solar interpretations within the current climate discourse at the location of Symposion Lindabrunn.

The Center of Solar Use Interpretation, csui.org presents its first exhibition and symposium, curated by Kathrin Stumreich, hosted by Symposion Lindabrunn.


Marianne Ertl (Heinz von Förster Archiv) in Zusammenarbeit mit Dirk Baecker und CSUI, Gottfried Haider, Barbara Anna Husar, Pepa Ivanova, Chris Janka, Joseph Knierzinger, Christian Kosmas Mayer, Anna Mitterer, Gerburg Neunteufl Pipina Schickaneder, Leo Peschta, Sarah Rechberger, Liddy Scheffknecht, Benjamin Tomasi, Arsene Vukov



Michael Braito, Kris De Decker, Judith Fegerl, Edgar Honetschläger, Pepa Ivanova, Luisa Paumann, Bernd Kräftner


Inspired by Nikola Tesla's vision, which he described as early as 1900:

"It is our duty to coming generations to leave this store of energy intact for them, or at least not to touch it until we shall have perfected processes for burning coal more efficiently. We should be able to manufacture the iron we require by using the sun`s energy; without wasting any coal at all ". The majority of current reporting on solar is related to technical innovations, carbon balances and statistical data. In contrast, Solar Habitat is dedicated to the discourse of opposing poles in order to generate new input and new knowledge in the current ecological debate.